Helping Holiday Workers Avoid Injury

You don’t need the workers’ comp experts at the Panebianco Workers’ Compensation Law Firm  to tell you that the holidays are a stressful time of year. They are more stressful for some than for others, however. 

Imagine being one of Santa’s elves and being responsible for helping him deliver all those presents on a seemingly impossible deadline! 

We have it on good authority that Santa does not carry workers’ compensation insurance. But don’t worry, under the contract the elves in his workshop have with the jolly old soul, they don’t need workers’ comp. There is universal healthcare at the North Pole (and Mrs. Claus always makes her special cookies for any elf that is injured in the line of duty).  

Preventing Accidents 

Of course, it’s not always smooth sledding in Santa’s domain. As the National Athletic Trainers’ Association said in an open letter to Santa, which was posted as the holidays were approaching, “We know that you and your team will face challenges including extreme weather, dangerous and slippery rooftops, hauling heavy packages and maneuvering down a wide variety of chimneys. These working conditions put you and the elves at risk for concussions, sprains, overuse and cold weather injuries, and much more.”

Knowing that being laid up by an injury and unable to work is not an option for Santa and the elves, the athletic trainers, who specialize in injury prevention, diagnoses and rehabilitation, offered some advice on ways to reduce the risk of injury during the busy season. 

To help Santa and his team prevent on-the-job injuries, they recommended: 

Warming up before you get going

“While Christmas cheer may warm up your heart, it won’t help warm up muscles, which is key in preventing injury,” they say. “Get your muscles and body ready with a dynamic movement warm-up that mimics the work you will be doing. It also helps get the blood pumping and muscles stretched and ready-to-go.”

Stay hydrated 

If you are feeling fatigued and dizzy and you have muscle cramps, you might be dehydrated. Skip the cocoa and eggnog and go for water and sports drinks to avoid dehydration. Staying hydrated helps you maintain a safe body temperature. “This is especially important in cold climates where many people don’t realize the critical need to properly hydrate,” the trainers say.

Sometimes you can do all the right things and still be the victim of a workplace accident. Since we don’t have universal healthcare (or Mrs. Claus’ magical cookies), you may need to file a workers’ compensation claim. If you need help, you can always call our workers’ compensation law firm at 954-524-6886 and ask for a free consultation.