Does Workers’ Comp Cover Car Accidents?

If you have been injured at work, workers’ comp can be a wonderful resource. But sometimes figuring out how to make the system work for you can be a challenge. That’s when you might need to call a workers’ compensation attorney. 

A good example of this is if you are driving your own car for business and happen to be injured in a car accident. You may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you were driving your car for work-related purposes or if you were a passenger in a car that was being driven for work-related purposes. 

What Activities Are Considered to Be Work-Related?

According to NOLO, examples of activities you might undertake in your own car which could be covered by workers compensation include things like: 

  • Running an errand for your supervisor or employer
  • Making deliveries
  • Picking up supplies for the business
  • Working as a driver (whether for a ride service, an individual or a delivery service)
  • Driving to a meeting or conference

If you were in a car accident while you were driving to work, your injuries will generally not be covered by workers’ comp so you will need to rely on your own auto insurance to cover your medical expenses. There is one exception: if your employer pays you for your time while you are driving to work, you may be covered by workers’ comp.  

What Will a Workers’ Comp Claim Cover?

As NOLO explains, “In a workers’ compensation claim, you generally receive payments only for certain quantifiable losses (medical bills and lost income), usually up to certain maximums. You will not receive payment for pain and suffering in a workers’ compensation claim, but those kinds of damages are always available in a personal injury lawsuit.”

What might be even more important is the fact that workers’ comp won’t cover the repairs to your car. 

If you have been injured in a work-related car accident and are confused by the rules, you can always contact our workers’ compensation law firm in Fort Lauderdale and ask about a free consultation.