Nick Panebianco, Attorney

Nick Panebianco Law and Panebianco Workers Compensation Law has been specializing in representing injured workers in the State of Florida since 1994, and Mr Panebianco handling Worker’s Compensation cases for injured workers for over 25 years.

 Nick has attained statewide recognition as an accomplice to knowledgeable attorney. He has dedicated his entire career to protecting the rights of injured workers, and his firm is well known for its  aggressive and trustworthy representation of its clients.  Nick Panebianco Law is a personable and reachable firm that handles every case with the comprehensiveness and diligence necessary to recover the larger settlements and awards for its clients.

From the filing of a Worker’s Compensation claim, known as petition, through the entire litigation process, our law firm aggressively pursues maximum benefit recovery and represents the injured workers best interest in a timely and effective fashion. Our objective for each client is to obtain appropriate medical care necessary, and ultimately negotiate the most favorable settlement or prevail at trial.